Saturday, April 01, 2006

Change is constant?

Who came up with this statement? Actually I couldn't be bothered. It is the trend now to come up with something wise-sounding and perhaps it is only common sensical?

Yesterday was the last day for Joy to be in the same office as me. When I first came in to HQ, I must confess I was a little *okay okay, make it a lot* intimidated by her fierce, powerful and authoritative demeanour. She then worked SYSTEMATICALLY to eradicate this opinion of her when she suggested table soccer after lunch.

Through subsequent conversations with her, I realise she is not what she seems like. Minus the social circle she mixes with *they are perhaps like deities to me, hahaha* she is someone I look up to.

Thanks Joy *if you still even bother to check out the PDDP blogs* for all that you have shown me the past three months. Thanks for some of the opportunities you have provided for me. Thanks most for being open to share with me some of your experiences.

Good luck to you in your future job scope. I am very confident many will benefit from your tutelage :)

Take care (^_*)"